55m Bluebird

After 10 years of ownership Hans-Maarten Bais, Creative director of Diana Yacht Design, says: ‘It is time to look back at the past, see what we did and to make plans for the next decade.’ The last decade 21 yachts have been delivered based on our naval architecture and engineering. The total amount now equals 66 yachts since Diana started in 1971.

The team expanded and recently we moved to a new office, which was very inspiring and brought a lot of new energy in the company. We work on all our projects with passion and always go the extra mile to make them even better than the last one.

We found that working on a project for which we also did the exterior styling is the most rewarding. Of the 21 yachts of the last decade, our design team was responsible for the exterior styling of 7 of them. To raise the bar we compiled an international design team focussing on making concepts. Part of this team is the Boat International Young Designer Award finalist of 2017 Casper Marelis. Their concepts will be technically checked as Diana Yacht Design has all disciplines of yacht design, naval architecture and engineering in house.

We now proudly present the 55m Bluebird. The design brief to create this 55m yacht included lots of open deck space and exploration capabilities. Suitable for chartering as well as accommodating a family who admire the sea and plan to sail around the world.

More details of this concept will soon be released on our new website, so keep an eye out.

Sketch of Bluebird concept yacht