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This new Diana design reminds to the famous Diana yacht’s of the 80’s like Jamaica Bay and Rio Rita. With her steel displacement hull in combination with classic lines and a beautiful canoe stern this yacht offers total luxury and comfortable cruising performance. With a range of 5,000 nm and maximum speed of 14 knots she will be suitable for blue water cruising around the world. Thinking about the environment we wanted to make this yacht as ‘green’ as possible. This is why the owner chose to install the Energy storage Inverter (ESI) on board.
A. de Keizer Elektrotechniek has experienced high quality products of the Dutch company Exendis and awarded them therefore to deliver the ESI Energy Storage System. With an Energy storage Inverter and a battery the ESI can supply electrical energy, or on the other hand, store this energy, so that this energy can be used more efficiently. Simultaneously parallel running aside the main generators allows us to select smaller generators then normally necessary for the average ship use. The main benefit to install smaller generators in combination with the energy storage system is a higher efficient combustion for the generator diesel engines. Diesel engines have expected lower soot emissions at approximately 80%. If generators are running below their capacity these are the following results:
- Pollution of the exhaust.
- Pollution of the water surface
- Pollution of the ship’s hull
- Pollution of the engine
- Reduced engine performance

M/Y Pamela V is prevented of these problems because the ESI system is installed. Below are some more benefits of this system.
- During periods of required extra electrical power the stored energy in the Lithium Ion batteries will be addressed
- With the CAM (controlling, alarm and monitoring system) DekaSis will integrate load management and control to the system
- The Lithium Ion batteries are charged at times of low electrical consumptions. For example between meal times, evening and at night. Therefore during these periods of lower consumption the generators are still efficiently used
- The electric power will be supplied by three diesel engine driven generators. Electric power during normal sea service will be supplied by one of the auxiliary generators. During maneuvering, with the bowthruster running, electric power will be supplied by both main generators
- The machinery installation will be built in accordance with the requirements of the Classification Society and Statutory Authorities. Eye catcher of this design is the owner’s deck with the luxurious master stateroom at the foreside with a 270 degree panoramic view. This lay-out asks for a raised wheelhouse, which Diana’s designers have integrated in the yacht uncompromising in her classic lines. Together with four VIP staterooms on the lower deck she can accommodate a total of 10 guests. The amount of tenders and water sport toys is unique for a yacht of this size, the area forward of the raised wheelhouse is used as a garage which carries multiple tenders and water sport toys. On the main deck there is a large tender bay where a 7,5m (!) tender is stored. When the tender is launched, this area will be used as a bathing place, the boarding ladder brings you to the fold-out swimming platform to get in close contact with the sea.

44.9 m / 147'





Naval architect:

Diana Yacht Design

Exterior stylist:

Diana Yacht Design

Interior designer:

J.Grange Interior Designer


Hakvoort, Holland

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