why diana?

So why choose an independent naval architecture and design office? Simply put: quality assurance and flexibility, ultimately leading to a more effective solution, better tailored to our client’s ambitious desires.

Assured quality management

DIANA has developed an effective and structured work methodology, refined and proven through many years of experience. DIANA’s strict workflows and constant attention to details ensure that the quality guaranteed in the original design, will be fully transferred and realized throughout the building process. DIANA applies the following principles:

  • Revealing design consultancy;
  • Comprehensive preliminary design with outline building specifications;
  • Extensive and extremely detailed design and engineering packages;
  • Strict building supervision by the specific in-house specialists involved;

The right yard for the best deal

DIANA offers the client the flexibility to choose the right builder from a wide range of yards. DIANA works with both master builders and less experienced shipyards, depending on the client’s specific requirements. Regardless of the building yard, DIANA at all times guarantees a yacht of excellent Dutch quality.

Synergy with distinguished partners

Catering to our client’s personal preference, DIANA has successfully teamed with prominent leading interior and exterior stylists in the superyacht industry, including:

  • Terrence Disdale
  • Donald Starkey
  • Andrew Winch
  • Jon Bannenberg
  • Felix Buytendijk
  • Espen Oeino
  • Cor D Rover
  • Michela Reverberi
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